If you’ve searched for an unsecured loan online, you’ve been overwhelmed at the options available… for those with less than good credit. But what about the rest of us?

Good Credit Welcome!

Many online lenders expect low credit scores and offer rates that match the risk. But if you’ve got a score of 640 or higher, you don’t fit in their lending box, so what do you do? You find lenders that can adjust to your situation. Whether you’ve got a 860 credit score or a 640, sites like Prosper and Personal Loans can help you obtain unsecured loans with rates that are fair to you.

It’s Your Money.

Obtaining an unsecured loan allows you to use the money the way you want. Make monthly payments just like any installment loan with a fixed rate and term. But most important, there are never any prepayment penalties.

Easy Online Loan Application.

Applying for an unsecured loan online is as simple as filling out a form. If there are any questions from potential investors, they ask you online and you reply just like a post on a message board or Facebook. In most cases you never even have to speak to anyone!